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Motorboat Training Outboard Engine III

This course is intended for persons who can safely operate up to and including wind force 5 (Beaufort) a boat with an outboard engine on waterways (channels) class 1 to 4, both during the day and at night and have demonstrated responsibility for both the ship and crew.

Practical Requirements:

The ship preparation for sea and preparation for night-time trips
Boating Techniques: Course to travel, stopping, keep going, emergency stops
Travelling to and Arriving and at higher and lower banks
Man Overboard Maneuvers
Anchoring Exercises
Special Operations
Aground and how to resolve it
Bridges and Locks
Collision / background survey
Application of rules and regulations
Coming alongside a ship and fastening-to
Towing and being towed
A trip at night
Simple repairs to the engine

Theory Requirements:

Safety and life-saving equipment
Dealing with damage
Simple first aid
Rules and Regulations
Buoys and beacons
Forces on the ship and their consequences
Boating etiquette and flags
Weather influences
Use of almanacs and charts

The costs are € 295, – per person (1 course day)