What else does RIB School Scheveningen offer in addition to the sailing training?
In the whole of the Netherlands and surroundings we can be used for events such as a security boat, Rescue-Boat, but also as a VIP Boat or photo / press boat.
If you want to book a business activity, please check with  RIB-actie Scheveningen.

What kind of insurance has RIB School Scheveningen closed for me when I step aboard?
We have arranged collective accident insurance for the participants.
Participation in the activities of RIB School Scheveningen is entirely at your own risk.
Before departure you sign a declaration of ‘own risk’ and ‘good health’
Participants under the age of 18 must have this statement signed by a parent and / or guardian beforehand.

What kind of clothes should I wear?
We have wet-gear for every participant.
You need to take care of your own undergarments. For example a fleece or a warm sweater with a t-shirt underneath. Underneath your sailing pants you can wear warm trousers with possibly a (thermo) legging underneath. Do you have (garden) boots, a pair of old sneakers and some extra socks, take them with you.
No (needle) heels or suede shoes ……
Bear in mind that the sea is always colder than on land. Obviously, every crew member receives a life-vest.

Wind Strength and how high does the RIB School Scheveningen still go out?
If you are dealing with wind, tide and waves, it is not possible to say by default that you no longer leave after wind force 7. At Northwest 6 there is a good chance that we do not want to leave, but with Southeast 7 it could be acceptable. In other words, the variable circumstances determine whether we think it is justified or not to start. In any case, we always take the decision not to embark on the basis of safety and sense of responsibility.

If the weather conditions do not allow us to go out, is a suitable new date being offered?Of course !! A new date can be chosen in consultation. We will cooperate fully to reschedule this new date in as short a time as possible.

I have never been on a boat. Is the RIB training suitable for me?
The RIB training is structured in such a way that we adjust the instruction to the (practical) prior knowledge that someone possesses. The course is suitable for the beginner, who wants to learn the basic principles for sailing on a boat with an outboard engine. Are you (far) advanced and do you want to learn how to ride in the surf at sea?
The RIB experience that you gain with us also applies to other motorboats with an outboard engine.