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Do you want to surprise someone with an adventurous, sporty gift?
Your colleague, your best friend or your partner / parent with Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.
Think of a RIB gift certificate.

You can go RIB boating at sea. Together with the skipper you have private access to the RIB. You can also reserve the RIB with your own family.
Do you want to know what it is to drive a RIB powerboat yourself? Think of the RIB Powerboat training.
It is quite impressive to learn how to handle the big horsepower.
We make sure that you receive a gift voucher from us, where you can state what is on it, so that it is as personal as possible.

RIB Ride:
With this package you will boat for half an hour with at least 5 people and RIB at sea. You ride with one of our experienced skippers. The boat is completely private and at your disposal.
The costs are € 175, – (up to 5 people this is the same price)
Then you pay € 35 for every extra person

RIB Boat Training for 2 People:

The costs are € 90, – per person for an hour of boat training on a RIB. You learn to drive a RIB powerboat yourself, maneuver in the harbour, mooring, casting-off, etc.
The costs are € 180, – for 2 people

Includes petrol, VAT and Secumar 150N life-vest and wet-gear!

Conditions RIB School gift voucher:

  • The RIB School gift voucher is personal, non-transferable and can only be spent at RIB School Scheveningen.
  • The voucher is valid for 12 months from the time of issue by the RIB School.
  • The RIB School gift voucher can not be exchanged for cash.
  • Only in special cases can the RIB School grant a refund if the RIB School gift voucher can not be exercised due to special circumstances (eg death). Such a request must be submitted in writing to the RIB School.
  • It is up to the RIB School to determine whether a certain circumstance is special enough for return.
  • The RIB School gift voucher is only valid if provided with a signature and invoice number.