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Scheveningen is known for the many international sailing events, in which hundreds of boats participate in the various regattas.
Safety plays a major role in all these events and Rib School Scheveningen ribs are used as Rescue Boats.
Graduated rib boat skippers with first aid, who also understand the sailing sport.

We sailed as  a Rescue boat for the North Sea Regatta, the World Cup 470, the J22, the European Championship Kitesurfing and the World Championship Nacra.
We were also as a camera boat, jury boat and VIP spectator boat during these events.

With our experience, among others at the Rescue Brigade in the Hague, we have more often had to deal with first aid accidents on the water.
Furthermore, our own interest in sailing has an added value, so that we can see from our own experience when it goes ‘wrong’ on a sailing boat and on which side windward / glide you can best approach the boat / drowning person.

Every event is different, so we can not give a fixed price.
What is expected of us? How many days does it go?
For more information you can request a quote via our contact page.

Submitted email from the organization of the North Sea Regatta Pentecost 2011:

Dear Katinka and Michel,
May I thank you very much for your commitment during the last few days during NSR. Thanks to your efforts, we have had rescue technical four good days. In particular, I am very grateful to you for your commitment to the accident on Monday between the two dragons. The crew members in question are very happy with you afterwards because they are terribly shocked by the situation where they unwittingly ended up. Great compliments from Willem K. and Boris B. because they realized if you had not been there that could have ended a lot (more tragically). Swimming they could no longer reach their ship and they were very aware of it …. Again, these guys thank you very much for your prompt efforts …

My compliments for your excellent dedication.

Kind regards, Theo

Safety Rib School Scheveningen

In addition to the trips for VIPs / Camera or Press boat / monitoring of events, we provide sailing courses to reputable institutions. Every year the agents of Police Haaglanden join us in their sailing training for their work at the Coastal Detachment. Rijkswaterstaat and the Water Board also take part in our courses every year. Individuals, including the many expats in The Hague, can come to us for their International boat license followed by the ICC (International Certificate of Competence).

We are CWO (Commission Watersport Opleidingen) and RYA (Royal Yachting Association) certified. We are also a CRKBO (Central Register for Short Professional Education) institution.

With this we want to indicate that we know what we are doing on our North Sea. We like to keep our reputation high. We also have our own RIBs which are not rented out. Every year an inspector from the UK inspects our boats and teaching materials. Every Rib is covered by the P & I insurance cover

RIB Riding Scheveningen at your own risk

Participation in the activities of RIB School & RIB Action Scheveningen is entirely at your own risk. Before sailing you sign a declaration of ‘own risk’ and ‘good health’ It is important that you realize that RIB powerboat sailing is really not possible if you have back and / or neck complaints or if you are pregnant. We also do not take you on board if you are under the influence of alcohol. For this you sign before departure. If personal incidents occur in spite of all precautionary measures, we have taken out a comprehensive insurance package for all participants. Participants under the age of 18 must have this statement signed by a parent and / or guardian beforehand.