Small Crew Tender:

You want to collect crew? Your tour operator wants to come on board? Do you need a welder? But you have no transport …
No problem. We can transport people to ships. We operate from Scheveningen. Maximum number of passengers is 12 people.

Small Parts Tender:

(among others) spare parts, a turbo blower, valves, flanges we can transport spares to ships with our rib boats. We can deliver up to 2 Euro pallets with a total capacity of 1500 kilos. Larger RIB’s are used for larger quantities. With these boats more can be transported, but with a lower speed. All our ships operate from Scheveningen.

Windfarm Support:

You want to bring material to the wind farm, but a large vessel is too expensive?
We can transport small equipment and personnel to the windmill park at a favorable price.