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The ideal team outing for companies, singles, bachelors, family and friends.

RIB Actie Scheveningen” is the events department of RIB School Scheveningen. In addition to giving certified powerboat training, we organize team outings for companies, singles, bachelors, family and friends.
Under the tab ‘Packages‘ you will find the different possibilities to combine RIB Powerboating with other activities.

What is RIB Riding?
With RIB Riding, also called RIB Powerboating, we mean going to with a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB).
These are boats that are extremely suitable for riding in the surf because of the strong polyester bottom and buoyant rubber beam. These boats are often used by the KNRM, Rescue Brigades and Offshore companies.

Guaranteed safe and seaworthy !!

To be a certified RYA (Royal Yachting Association) trainer, strict requirements laid out by the RYA have to be met.
Every year our RIBs are inspected for safety and inventory by a certified RYA inspector from Great Britain.

We argue that safety and knowledge are of paramount importance to us.

Our skippers have been active for years at the Hague Rescue Brigade and know the sea like the back of their hands!
They know how to deal with the different circumstances.
Of course, our skippers are selected for their boating capabilities, but also for their communication skills. It involves expert boating and enthusiastic passion for sharing.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment without any obligations, you can contact RIB Actie Scheveningen at any time.

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We look forward to “going to sea” with you!
Sea U Soon!