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Boating Courses for the government

including Police, Public Works, Water Board, Waternet and Traffic Center / Port Service.

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Waterscooter Training (PWC)

Personal Watercraft Training from the beach.
For individuals and business.

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Boat Training for Expedition Employees

This training is specifically for employees
of expedition ships

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Survival Training

How do you climb in the middle of the sea into a wobbling liferaft?
How do you use the various emergency signals?
Rescue swimming under responsible management.

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RIB School Scheveningen tailor-made training courses

In addition to the RYA and CWO sailing courses, the RIB school also offers courses that are tailor-made and can be completed as desired.

For the Coastal Detachment of the National Police, for example, we organize a boating course that is aimed at starting and landing from the beach, taking on board a drowning man in the surf and general wave control at sea.

For the mobile traffic controllers of Rijkswaterstaat, it is important to be able to maneuver in short spaces and to be able to come alongside  a ship under speed, to carry out a check.

For the Hoogheemraadschap and Waternet we provide boating in their own sailing area on their own ships.
Specific training aimed at the discipline in question.

Since 2016 we have also started giving Water scooter training. Also called the PWC. (Personal Water Craft)
This relatively new rescue equipment has proven several times that driving an agile craft in the surf is paying off.

Since 2018 we have started an annex with the permission of the RYA on board the expedition ship M / V Sea Spirit in the Antarctic.
In our winter months we train the expedition personel. The RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate is a compulsory document to work on board a ship and to drive on the Zodiacs.

Finally, we also offer sailing courses that are tailor-made for private individuals. We assume that you already have the basic principles of rib sailing and that you would like to indicate yourself what you would like to learn. We draw up a lesson plan together.
Maybe you want to gain extra experience in practice or you want to learn to deal with the waves at sea. Let us know for sure