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Basic RIB Boating Course

Our RIB school offers a practical basic RIB Boating Course in one day. The basic course consists of a mix of exercises that we learned during our time at the Rescue Brigade.

No prior knowledge or experience is required  to take part in this course. To be able to fine-tune our curriculum, we would like to know what your on the water boating experiences are.

RIB Boating is an intensive sport where many topics are covered. In one candidate the emphasis is on using a trailer, while another has more need to gain experience at sea.

There are fixed components in the course, such as the safety briefing and the boat checks. During the training day we strive to spend the majority of the day on the water.
In the basic training you can tell us what you preferences are. If it turns out that you make considerable progress during the training day, then a trip out-to-sea is certainly not impossible.

But we remain fair and honest if your progress is not sufficient. We guarantee quality and safety.

Morning Program:

09.00 am reception in the port of Scheveningen, safety briefing, explanation and RIB check.
10.00 am basic activities (sitting position / attitude, behavior other water sportsmen, different exercises in the
port of Scheveningen, recognizing and understanding the waterway markings)
12.30 pm lunch (during lunch, the theory of tides and boating at sea is discussed)

Afternoon program:

13.15 pm anchoring, man on board maneuvers, self-reliance, boating with tides, driving and cornering at high speed,
mooring and casting-off on another ship / jetty.
17.00 pm end of course day with follow-up discussion and presentation of RIB School Scheveningen certificate.

What should you bring with you:

Warm clothing, for example a fleece sweater, but also think of a hat and gloves. (depends on the season, but at sea it is always much colder than you would expect from the jetty)
Lunch with drinks. (You can bring this yourself, but with the Brouwcafe we also have an arrangement for a lovely quick lunch)
Reserve set of clothes, including socks.
Sunglasses and cream with a high factor!
Sturdy shoes with sufficient grip
Avoid leather shoes and / or jackets at all times.
Learn and taste salt!
Passport or driving license or identity card

What do we offer you:

We are RYA certified. This includes: Training with an emphasis on structure, quality and safety.
The courses include RYA approved RIB, petrol, insurance, sailing suits (wet-gear, Secumar life-vest and possibly sailing boots.
More than 25 years of experience in RIB sailing, qualified instructors.
A good training environment with the North Sea in sight

We will only teach you the basic boating techniques and boat handling in one day.
Only after years of (boating) experience are you able to reach a higher level and able to react directly in emergency situations.

The costs for the Basic RIB Powerboat Course (1 day) is € 295, – p.p.
1 person surcharge of € 100 / maximum 3 students.

Including 21% VAT, RYA certified instructor, petrol, sailing clothes (wet-gear), Secumar 275N life-vest, insurance and coffee!
(Lunch is not included)