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Survival Training

This North Sea Training is organized in collaboration with Get Wet Maritime and is recommended for all water sports enthusiasts such as divers, sailors, canoeists, surfers and coastal rescue brigades. During this training day the operation of lifesaving equipment and techniques is explained. A “must” for anyone who is regularly on or in the water.

The practical part of this survival training is given on a large tug on the open sea. In bad weather, the training takes place in the outer harbor.


09:00 am Reception with coffee and tea and explanation of the program.
09:15 am Separation into 2 groups:

  • Group 1 starts with the practical part
  • Group 2 starts with the theoretical part

12:30 pm Joint lunch.

  • Lunch consists of soup, various sandwiches, milk and coffee / tea.

13:30 hrs

  • Group 1 starts with the theory part.
  • Group 2 starts with the practical part.

4:30 pm Evaluation and distribution of the certificates.

  • Then there is an opportunity to have a drink in the cozy restaurant.

Overview of Theory

  • dangers of hypothermia and treatment of a super-cooled victim.
  • life-raft operation and explanation of survival
  • life jackets and survival suits
  • hand-lit lights, parachute signals and smoke-signals (pyrotechnics)
  • helicopter rescue and hoist-lines.
  • dangers on board such as: man-over-board, fire, collision etc.
  • abandoning ship, life-saving equipment
  • rescue operation organization

Explanation of Theory

  • escaping and turning over a reversed life raft
  • saving a drowning man, rescue-ring and lines
  • jumping technique and survival swimming
  • transporting injured people in the water
  • joint rescue technique and survival circle
  • climbing nets and the use of  helicopter hoists
  • keeping clear of flares, hand-held flares and smoke-flares
  • Placing the victim on board horizontally

Who can participate?

Anyone in possession of good health and a swimming certificate. Participation in this training is entirely at your own risk. The organization accepts no liability whatsoever. Get Wet obviously has an indemnity insurance.

What do I need??

  • complete diving suit complete (suit, shoes and possibly loose cap), these are also for rent
  • swimwear
  • towel

After the training there is an opportunity to shower. There are men’s and women’s dressing rooms.


This fully catered day costs € 75 per person. This price includes textbook, lunch, coffee, tea, biscuits and certificate. The cost of renting a diving suit, including booties is € 12.50. Please send us at least 5 days in advance the desired sizes (body length, shoe size, weight, man / woman).