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Boating Courses Government Services

We provide boating training for several government bodies, including the National Police, Rijkswaterstaat, Hoogheemraadschap and Waternet. Each body has its specific focus area.

For one organisation, the commissioning of a new RIB with  basic training is important. For another organisation, “Boarding Operations” and “pacing drill” are important; popularly coming alongside a sailing ship. Governments with enforcement tasks specifically ask for this kind of sailing exercises.

Some of our instructors work for the government and are familiar with SAR operations, as described in the Opplan SAR, Waterrand and the North Sea Incident Control Plan. With this we indicate that our boating instructors are also practically skilled in addition to the theory. They have extensive experience in working with multidisciplinary partners such as fire brigade, police and ambulance services.

SAR exercise off the coast of Scheveningen

Our boating instructors have actually saved lives and these experiences are often shared with our students. This is one of the reasons why many enforcement services ask for our advice to seek a better connection with other water-based emergency services. They want to be ready if it happens to them too.