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Combination Package RYA Level 2 and CEVNI Test

CEVNI Test :

Unfortunately, it is not possible for Dutch residents to apply for an ICC at the RYA with your RYA Powerboat certificate in combination with the CEVNI test.
As of 1 September 2018, the Dutch government has decided to no longer grant permission to the RYA to issue the ICC to the Dutch. Until this date it was possible for the Dutch to exchange the practical sailing license (RYA Powerboat Level 2) in combination with a Cevni test (inland waterway test) for the ICC, which in the Netherlands is a valid boating document.

Students who have obtained their ICC with us before September 1, 2018 may still sail here until 1 September 2023 in Dutch waters.
After that the extension at the RYA will no longer be allowed.

If you want to know whether the RYA may issue an ICC for your nationality, please send us an email or visit the website of the RYA, ICC countries.

In order to sail in Europe on inland waters, a theoretical certificate of navigation is required. Agreements have therefore been made between the different countries. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Department of Domestic Water Transport has found a solution for this in Resolution 40: The CEVNI, which stands for “Code Europeen des Voies de la Navigation Interieure”.

In order to qualify for an ICC, you must take a practical course at Rib School Scheveningen and take a theoretical CEVNI test. It also depends on your nationality. During this CEVNI exam you will be tested on the basic sailing rules and signals on the European waters that you as a skipper need to know and must follow. The CEVNI test takes about an hour. This is a written exam with multiple choice questions.

Cost RYA  Level 2 and CEVNI Test:

You theoretically finish off your 2 day practical RYA Powerboat Level 2 course with a 1 hour CEVNI test.
The total costs for this “All inclusive package” are € 625, –
When reserving this combination you have to take into account that especially the second day of the course is a long day, because after your practical sailing day you still take a theoretical test of an hour.
Prior to the course, we will send you an internet link with the study material.

If you want to take the CEVNI test at a later time, so not following your Powerboat Level 2 sailing course, the costs for the RYA Cevni test are € 40, – pp We will then make a separate appointment for you to only take your CEVNI test. It is not possible to take the CEVNI test with us if you have not followed the RYA Powerboat Level 2 training with us.