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RYA Level 2
Powerboat Certificate

Our most popular rib sailing training.
Maximum 2 – 3 students.
Internationally recognised.

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Combination RYA Level 2
with CEVNI test

An “All inclusive package”
If you want to be considered for the ‘Coastal’ ICC.

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International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

An international certificate of competence for controlling a fast boat.

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RYA Powerboat Training Courses

Rib School Scheveningen is an internationally recognised ‘coastal’ sailing school certified by the RYA. (Royal Yachting Association)
Every year, a RYA inspector visits our sailing school and approves our administration, the training boats, the accompanying teaching materials and our way of teaching. This must all happen according to the RYA standards. We have been teaching for more than 10 years now and we score a 9.7 with more than 175 reviews.

In addition to Scheveningen, with the approval of the RYA during the winter months, we started a branch on board of the expedition ship the Sea Spirit.
In the waters around Antarctica we train the expedition personel. The RYA Powerboat certificate is a required document to be allowed to drive on these so-called Zodiacs.

RYA Level 2 Powerboat Certificate:

After completing our 2 day RYA Powerboat Level 2 sailing course you will receive the RYA Powerboat Certificate. You are then authorised by the RYA to drive fast boats up to 10m. length. For Dutch passport holders, the powerboat certificate is not a legally valid document in the Netherlands.
This certificate is a mandatory document for people who want to work on board a ship.

For some nationalities it is possible to qualify for the ICC after obtaining a CEVNI test.
Does this apply to your nationality? Send an email or look at the following link from the RYA: ICC for Countries

The RYA Powerboat training is mainly reserved by future deckhands, employees / volunteers on super Yachts / tenders and cruise ships, expats and at the request of insurance companies, who applaud this practical sailing license and in some cases even require you to be allowed to purchase your newly purchased rib. to ensure. Also (experienced) boat owners, who want to learn to master the boating techniques better, reserve this practical boating course at RIB School Scheveningen. It is also just very educational and fun!

The CEVNI Test:

After completing your RYA Powerboat Level 2 Powerboat course you can take a CEVNI test. This is a short theoretical test, which you can qualify to apply for the ‘Coastal’ ICC.
This theoretical CEVNI test is proof of navigation, which you need to be allowed to sail on inland waters in Europe.
CEVNI stands for “Code Europeen des Voies de la Navigation Interieure.
Whether the RYA may issue an ICC after obtaining the Powerboat Level 2 course and the CEVNI test depends on your nationality

The Training Boat:

Our lessons are given on our RIB Humber Ocean Pro of 8 meters with a 300 HP Yamaha engine.