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Cevni Test Inland Waterways:

In order to be able to sail on inland waters in Europe, proof of navigation is required.

The ICC with a CEVNI test.

Agreements have therefore been made between the different countries. The UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) Department of Domestic Water Transport has found a solution to this in Resolution 40.

To qualify for such an ICC, you must take a practical course and take a CEVNI test. During this exam your knowledge will be tested on the basic sailing rules and signals on the European waters that you as a skipper need to know and must follow.

You can obtain this exam at RYA sailing schools, so also with us.

Before you begin the CEVNI test, we offer an exam training. The exam itself consists of multiple choice questions.

If you passed this exam, we will help you to request your ICC.
The costs for the CEVNI test are € 35.00 per person.